Travel Hack: Earn Free Hotel Nights & Cash Back!

How would you like to earn cash back AND free hotel nights at the same time?! YES?? That’s what I thought! Here’s how I do it: First, your new best friend is going to be an app called Ibotta. You can sign up with my referral link and automatically earn $10 when you redeem your first offer (I will earn $5)!…

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Instax Mini 8 Record Frame

Is anyone else as obsessed with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 as I am?? (Don’t have one yet? Scroll down for my Amazon Picks and order your camera and film today!) If you are as obsessed as I am, you probably have dozens of photos that you’re not really sure what to do with. You’ve filled up your photo albums…

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Run Gum – What Do You Run On?

Looking for a new fueling alternative for your long runs? If gels and liquids make your tummy turn and you’re not a huge fan of jelly beans or gummies, Run Gum might be the perfect energy kick you’re looking for to keep you going for the long haul! Each piece is packed with vitamins and a healthy amount of caffeine…

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