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My Spring 2018 Workout Playlist

One of my favorite things about spring is ditching my treadmill at the gym routine and going for runs outside! I made a new workout playlist, mostly of songs that are brand new this spring. Get pumped for your next run with these awesome new tunes! I like a wide variety of music, so this playlist has several different styles and…

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What’s In My Gym Bag?

What’s in my gym bag? I’m willing to bet every runner or fitness enthusiast has at least one favorite workout item that’s always in their gym bag! I’m sharing five of my “must haves” for a successful and healthy workout routine. Comment below and tell me your favorite gym bag staples! This post contains affiliate links. If you make a…

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Run Gum – What Do You Run On?

Looking for a new fueling alternative for your long runs? If gels and liquids make your tummy turn and you’re not a huge fan of jelly beans or gummies, Run Gum might be the perfect energy kick you’re looking for to keep you going for the long haul! Each piece is packed with vitamins and a healthy amount of caffeine…

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