Run Gum – What Do You Run On?

Looking for a new fueling alternative for your long runs? If gels and liquids make your tummy turn and you’re not a huge fan of jelly beans or gummies, Run Gum might be the perfect energy kick you’re looking for to keep you going for the long haul! Each piece is packed with vitamins and a healthy amount of caffeine (click here for ingredients), contains zero calories, and best of all – your body doesn’t have to expend extra energy on digestion and you can avoid consuming an insane amount of liquids.

This post contains affiliate links. This blog is both a hobby and a job for me. If you make any purchases on Amazon after clicking on an Amazon link, I may make a small commission for promoting this product. I am not affiliated with RunGum, but I am a runner and I use this product all the time and I love it!


Last year, I was training for my first half marathon and had a tough time finding a fuel that I could stomach during my longer runs, until I discovered Run Gum recommended on an Instagram page that I follow. Now, it’s my favorite way to get the energy I need when the miles start feeling a little longer!

Run Gum was co-founded by Olympic athlete (800m) Nick Symmonds and Coach Sam Lapray with runners in mind, but chewing it benefits athletes across the board and anyone on-the-go. Your body can easily absorb the ingredients, making them quickly available for fuel.

Take your pick of flavors between cinnamon, mint, and fruit (cinnamon is my personal favorite!). Run Gum is sweetened with sugar alcohols and sucralose, meaning there’s no sugar crash, calories, or cavities to worry about. So, chew to your hearts content! One piece for “moderate energy” and two pieces for “maximum energy” is recommended by Run Gum.

They’ve got some sweet swag too, so you can browse their apparel while you’re debating on which flavor you should try first (or just get them all!). If you think you’ll go through a 12 pack pretty fast, I recommend signing up for the monthly subscription. Choose your flavors and number of boxes (1-6), and have them automatically delivered to you each month. If you really need or want to skip a month, then you have the option to do so (I really love this option because some months are kind of tough on the wallet, you know?) You can also use the store locator to search for Run Gum in a local running or sporting goods store if you’re old school and don’t love the ease of ordering online (hehe).

If you have any questions or concerns about Run Gum that I didn’t cover, check out their website!

All flavors are available on Amazon Prime!

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