Instax Mini 8 Record Frame


Is anyone else as obsessed with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 as I am??

If you are, you probably have dozens of photos that you’re not really sure what to do with. You’ve filled up your photo albums and covered your refrigerator, but you STILL have more. Well, what else can you do with them?

Display your Instax Mini photos inside 45rpm vinyl records! They are the perfect size and it’s REALLY easy to do.

All you need is:
1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 + film
2. Acid free Scotch tape
3. 45 rpm vinyl records (check thrift stores and used book/music stores!)
4. A clipboard or something to attach records onto for wall display

Now what? It’s as easy taping the photo onto the back of the record. You’ll want to use acid free tape because it won’t destroy your developed film.

After you’ve taped the photo to the vinyl record, slip the record onto the clipboard or attach it to whatever you decide to use for hanging your record on the wall. I liked the idea of a clipboard because then you can freely rotate your records if you want to display new photos every once in a while. You also don’t have to worry about gluing anything, that’s a plus!  The clipboard I used above has built in hooks on the back, making it easy to hang on the wall. If you’re really into crafting, you could fashion your own clipboard! I’ve even thought about painting mine, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

P.S. What’s really fun is finding a record of a song or band that has a special meaning to you! All 3 of the records I used above are special to me in some way.

My husband and I actually used these as part of our centerpieces at our wedding!

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Photo by Andi Bravo Photography.

Author: kindellbrinay

Photographer based in Nashville, TN. Blogging about travel, fitness, and lifestyle.

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