Travel Hack: Make Money Staying In Hotels!


How would you like to make money from staying hotel rooms rather than spend money?

Yes?? That’s what I thought! Here’s how I do it:

First, your new best friend is going to be an app called Ibotta. With this app you can earn cash back on in-store and mobile app purchases. You can unlock deals on everything from groceries to Groupons and to, yep you guessed it – hotels! Currently Ibotta has offers for 5% cash back on (Tip: Make sure to launch the app through the Ibotta app to earn the cash back.) allows you to earn a free night’s stay for every 10 nights you book a room through them. So, stay 10 nights and earn a free night worth the average value of those 10 nights.

How do you make money doing this? Well, it works best for those traveling for work getting reimbursed for your hotel rooms. If you are traveling for work and your rooms are paid for, then you’re earning a free night without having to spend any of your own money and you’re earning 5% cash back through Ibotta. But, even if you’re traveling for fun and footing your own bill, this is still a great way to earn cash back and free nights! The best part about using other than earning a free night is the ability to choose a specific hotel. I used to book with Hotwire, which had some amazing rates but there are no rewards and to get the discounted rate you don’t know what hotel you’re getting until it’s booked. Most often than not, that method worked for me and I was happy with my rooms, but now I’m much happier with my and Ibotta combo!

If you sign up for Ibotta with my referral link then you’ll get a $10 bonus and I’ll get $5! We both win and save lots of money, woohoo!

Happy travels!

Author: kindellbrinay

Photographer based in Nashville, TN. Blogging about travel, fitness, and lifestyle.

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