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Get Pumped With Pop: Spring 2019 Workout Playlist

One of my favorite things about spring is ditching the gym treadmill routine and going for runs outside! I made a new workout playlist, mostly of songs that are brand new this year or from 2018. Get pumped for your next run or workout with these awesome new tunes! I love a wide variety of music, but this time I’ve curated a purely pop playlist for you. You can hear it on Spotify, but if you find a song you really love then I encourage you to buy it on iTunes to show your support for the artist! (no sponsorships or affiliates in this post, just sharing songs I love!)

Click ‘follow’ in Spotify to save the playlist to your library for easy access, and let me know your favorite songs in the comments below!

Enjoy and have a great workout!

Spring 2019 Workout Playlist on Spotify

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