Races & Places

Photo by Paul Ward Photography.

I love to run! That’s me in the photo above, running my first 10k in Atlanta in 2016. I was a middle distance runner in high school and briefly in college, but kind of lost motivation for several years in my mid-twenties. In January 2016 I had an epiphany and realized how out of shape I was, I barely recognized myself, and just didn’t feel awesome about how I was treating my body. I decided to intentionally start up a running routine again and signed up for my very first half marathon. It was a life changing experience! This page is dedicated to sharing my racing experiences with you, in case you are thinking about signing up for any of them in the future. Generally, I’m only listing the larger races that I’ve participated in. Check out my training page for tips and workouts that you might find helpful for race preparation, and also check out my product reviews page for fuel and gear suggestions.

Races I’ve completed:

Peachtree Road Race 2017

St. Jude Nashville Rock and Roll Half Marathon 2017

San Francisco Half Marathon 2016