Target One-Piece Swimsuit Roundup 2018

Image by Africa Studio via Adobe Stock.

It’s no secret that I’m Target obsessed, but you probably didn’t know that I’m also swimsuit obsessed. I currently have like 10 swimsuits. I was the girl growing up who was convinced she was Ariel until the embarrassing age of 8 or 9. I’m still a beach lover for life and I was a lifeguard all last year at an indoor/outdoor pool. That being said, I adore one piece swimsuits. When I was a few years younger I loved wearing two pieces because I was in decent shape, they were what was in style, and not very many cute one pieces were on the market. Now I’m a little older, not quite as toned up as I’d like to be yet, and there are SO many cute and stylish one pieces out there these days.


In my opinion, the right one piece can make the best statement!


They can flatter figures of all shapes and sizes and say “I’m cute, classy, and sexy all at the same time. I’m also comfortable, but still fashionable and feminine.”

Target has an AMAZING (not surprising) selection of one piece swimsuits and I decided that I absolutely had to do a roundup for ya’ll. It’s taking a whole lot of willpower to refrain from buying them all for myself, but my husband and our bank account would probably be disagreeable on that decision, with good reason. However, I might buy one or two…

Another thing that’s great about Target’s swimsuit selection is their size availability! If you need a plus size, look no further! About half of the suits in this guide are available in plus sizes, and they are all SO CUTE. Prices start around $29.99 and vary depending on size and style. That’s a steal if you ask me!


Happy summer shopping! Pin image below for later!

This post contains affiliate links. I am an affiliate of Target, so if you buy from these links I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. It helps me keep this going, because it costs money to run a blog. Thanks for visiting!

4 thoughts on “Target One-Piece Swimsuit Roundup 2018

  1. You’ve shown quite a few lovely options. I like a good one piece myself, since I feel pretty certain that I am not going to lose any part of it as I get out of the water. 😆

  2. I love all those options! I didn’t even know Target had that many to choose from! I need to definitely stop by!

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